Call to creditors

The creditors of SkyWork Airlines AG were able to file their claims with the Bankruptcy Office Bern-Mittelland, Office Mittelland, Poststrasse 25, CH-3071 Ostermundigen, until 28 February 2019 (date of postmark) in accordance with the guidelines for the registration of claims. A corresponding call for creditors was published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce and the Official Gazette of the Canton of Berne on 30 January 2019.

The deadline for filing claims has now expired. However, pursuant to Art. 251 SchKG, late claims can still be filed to the Bern-Mittelland Bankruptcy Office until the end of the bankruptcy proceedings. However, the creditors must bear all costs incurred by the delay and may be required to make a corresponding advance payment. Furthermore, they are not entitled to participate in payments on account which were made prior to their filing.

As a next step, the bankruptcy administration will draw up the schedule of claims (“Kollokationsplan”) and publish it. The exact date of the publication cannot be announced at the moment. Further information will follow.

Claims can be registered using the forms available on this website.

To view PDFs, you need the Adobe Reader. Click here to download it.