Sale of selected assets

It is already proceeded to the sale of selected assets (movables, aircraft components) at this stage of the proceedings in order to be able to leave the rented rooms and areas of SkyWork Airlines AG as quickly as possible and thus avoid unnecessary rents and disposal costs.

Various movables (furniture, computers, notebooks, monitors and computer accessories as well as aircraft trolleys and other items) are therefore auctioned via the Ricardo online auction platform. The aim is to achieve the best possible price. Interested parties can participate in the auction under the following link. The offers for sale will be continuously updated.

In addition, aircraft and aviation components are also available for sale.

Spare parts, specific tools and equipment as well as other products used only in the aviation sector can only be offered to professional buyers because of the documentation it requires. This includes all parts that can still be reworked and revised and are therefore not ultimately unusable. A sale to private persons is not possible with these articles.

Interested parties can contact directly. Further questions can be asked via this email address. Reservations of certain parts are not possible.

All parts that do not fall under the above-mentioned points are offered for sale on Ricardo under "SkyWork Konkurs" (see link above).

Important note:
Any warranty is excluded. Neither the bankruptcy estate of SkyWork Airlines AG nor the bankruptcy office may be held liable for any legal and/or material defects of the purchased objects. The buyer takes over the object of sale in its current condition ex location.

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