Sale of trademarks

The "SkyWork" trademark is registered in the Trademark Register of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (Nice Classification No. 16, 39 and 43 / Trademarks No. 619993 and 609379). The bankruptcy administration is currently in the process of liquidating the last remaining assets. Currently there is no concrete offer to purchase the trademark rights.

SkyWork Airlines AG was a European airline based in Bern. The bankruptcy proce-dure has attracted a lot of attention. In the liquidation of the goods bearing the Sky-Work trademark, the interested parties on the auction platform always outbid each other several times and paid high prices for such goods. We see there-fore potential in the sale of replica or merchandising products. The bankruptcy admin-istration will award the bid to the highest bidder. 

We would like to give all interested parties the opportunity to submit an offer.

If there is interest in acquiring the "SkyWork" trademark rights, there is the possibility of submitting a binding written offer by 15 September 2020. Interested parties can contact the bankruptcy office directly by e-mail. Interested parties will then be informed about the further procedure in due course. Either a second round of offers will be made or an internal auction among the interested parties.

Important notice:
Any warranty is excluded. Neither the bankruptcy estate nor the bankruptcy office may be held liable for any legal and/or material defects of the purchased objects. The buyer takes over the object of purchase in the current condition known to him from the date of purchase.

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