Resolutions of the creditors as per circular dated 24 March 2021 / planned further procedure

All proposals of the bankruptcy administration according to the circular letter of 24 March 2021 have been accepted by the creditors. Consequently, the bankruptcy proceedings will continue as stated in the circular letter. This means that the suspended lawsuits that three employees had initiated against SkyWork prior to the opening of the bankruptcy proceedings will be resumed. In contrast, any claims for damages and responsibility will not be pursued further by the bankruptcy administration. No higher offers were received for the spare parts inventory; thus the sale will proceed as described in the circular.

The bankruptcy administration expects to prepare and publish the distribution list for class 1 and 2 by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2021. Creditors who receive a distribution will be informed in writing about the publication of the distribution list. Creditors of class 3 will not be contacted due to cost reasons. In this regard, we already today refer to the official publications in the Official Gazette of the Canton of Berne and the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce.

The publication of the distribution list will be made available on the website The document will be password-protected. It is the same password as for the inventory, the schedule of claims and the circular letter.

If required and necessary, the creditors will be informed by circular letter about the further course of the proceedings.

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