Schedule of claims of SkyWork Airlines AG is published

The bankruptcy administration publishes the Schedule of claims for inspection by the creditors in the period from 5 to 24 November 2020.

After the call to the creditors, over 1'000 creditors have produced claims in the amount of totally ca. CHF 26,4 mio.

While establishing the Schedule of claims, ca. CHF 17,5 mio. of the above mentioned produced claims had to be dismissed. On the other hand, claims totalling CHF 18,9 mio. have been admitted. This includes a claim of CHF 10 mio. that was rejected in the 3rd class but has been admitted as a subordinated claim. In the 1st and 2nd class, claims of around CHF 1,8 mio. have been admitted and ca. CHF 7,1 mio. in the 3rd class.

As a product from the execution of the assets of SkyWork Airlines AG, an amount of ca. CHF 2,36 mio. (after deduction of the costs of the procedure) will result for the distribution to the creditors.

The admitted creditors of the 1st and 2nd class may therefore expect a full coverage of their admitted claims.  From where we stand now, the creditors of the 3rd will receive a dividend of ca. 7% on their admitted claims.

In these days, the creditors of SkyWork Airlines AG receive a detailed written circular by normal mail with exhaustive information about the schedule of claims. Creditors, whose claims had to be dismissed in part or in general, will additionally get a special notification by registered mail with an information about their rights of appeal.

Further information about the time schedule for the payment of the claims to the creditors and about the amounts of such payments will be available, once the schedule of claims has entered into force.

The latest news and information about the bankruptcy proceedings of SkyWork Airlines AG can be found on This website is operated by the bankruptcy administration.

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